Spring has sprung

springSpring flirts with the remnants of winter….passing seasons like a clumsy relay race, dropping the baton several times before finally taking over. I think though, that spring is here at last and the spring pictured is definitely equipped with a new broom.

The ambiguity of spring is very special. We literally change time for Spring’s arrival and mark it on the calendar but we are never quite clear when it’s really going to get here in person. Ambiguity is an important word. Whilst we may want to cling to certainty, ambiguity (the might or maybe or never) is perhaps the life raft we should swim towards.

My spring is punctuated by the ambiguity of the wonderful Leonora Carrington at the Tate Liverpool and the women connected, by proxy, with her such as Marina Warner and Angela Carter. Imagine being the baby brought up in the amazing cot/boat decorated by Carrington  – a brilliant object in the exhibition! Leonora Carrington seems to offer the Tate something very different to the heavily curated contemporary art around it in the other galleries – an imagination that seems free of ‘the painted word’ and one that offers more questions than answers.

The final words have to go to one of Carrington’s fictional characters (she wrote fiction too) – “The answer is hiding somewhere, if I could only read”


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