Back on the rails

derailedBy far the best thing about using Twitter has been the discovery of this wonderful site: It’s written by journalist Maria Popova and contains many wonderful and thoughtful articles about the world of creativity and of creative people. I use it when I need a pick me up, something to put my mind back on the rails as it wanders off course (frequently!).

Here’s a wonderful quote from Brainpickings by the painter Agnes Martin on process:

“You’re permanently derailed. It’s through discipline and tremendous disappointment and failure that you arrive at what it is you must paint. For months, the first paintings don’t mean anything – nothing. But you have to keep going, despite all kinds of disappointment….I think that everyone is on his own line. I think that after you’ve made one step, the next step reveals itself…and I do believe we unfold out of ourselves and we do what we are born to do sooner or later, anyway”.

One more source of inspiration at the moment comes from the exciting build up to a trip to San Francisco and trying to find some work by Margaret Kilgallen, though I doubt I’ll make it to the railroad tracks where most of her ‘graffiti’ still remains. The few quotes left by Kilgallen are more optimistic than Agnes Martin’s but are, in essence, the same – on work she says just to trust the work – “If you trust that you put in the time to do the work, then the work will happen and you’ll figure out the answers”. Reassuring words indeed from two great women to keep me firmly back on track  – full steam ahead.


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