Safe Shoring

20130625-160937.jpgI’ve found myself looking at diagrams again, and in particular the labels on them. I love looking at and responding to them  – ‘what can I alter to make me think slightly differently about the world?’.  The way language is borrowed and re-used from different disciplines is fascinating, ever confusing us as to which use came first.

This adjusted image is taken from ‘The Practical Carpenter and Joiner’ probably from the 1950’s (it’s an undated book  unfortunately). Imagine a blunt oak needle, sewing wood together. This is what I call an ‘anticipation image’ – one which gives more satisfaction in us acting it out mentally more than its outward appearance.

The diagram is taken from a section on shoring  – ‘the temporary strengthening of a building the stability of which is threatened by damage’. Interestingly ‘safe shoring’ can often be a dangerous job and can even lead (at least in the 1950s) to walls actually falling down. Let’s hope for some ‘safe safe shoring’ in that case…


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