Apples, apples and more apples…

...And no, I’m not talking about iphone 5. October 20th is Apple Day in Headingley. I’m not sure why but they are celebrating all things ‘apple’. You can take apples and press your own cider, buy apple cakes and even buy apple pictures…which is where I come in. Artists were invited by the Heart Arts Centre to submit pictures around the theme and there were plenty of submissions. Walk down the corridor at Heart and you’ll see mine, first on the right.

Here it is. A reworking of an idea I’ve had for a while about Korbinian Aigner who managed to cultivate a new breed of apple while he was a prisoner in Dachau. The text reads ‘The kind hands of Korbinian Aiger. If he can grow there, what can we grow here?’. It seemed odd researching things like the number he had tattooed on his arm, but it was heartening to hear that he survived, just as his new apple had…named in the camp KZ-3 (camps were known as KZ) but re-named in 1985, the Korbinian Apple.


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