The Other Club

Yesterday I ran a small but perfectly formed evening called ‘The Other Club’. Good folk were invited to respond to a brief…in this case ‘Do something creative in response to a random playing card’. Everyone rose to the challenge and it was a lot of fun, sharing different work and different approaches to numbers and suits. See above some bespoke playing cards that I made for the occasion. All other images are on the open facebook group called ‘The Other Club’.

My response was to make a fun fold-out card based on 5 spades (each section only has 5 spades on it). So the story goes…one man with a big heart, and 5 spades, goes to the forest. For his love he dug up a flower (for beauty), a vine (for endless wine), a vegetable (!) for food, an apple tree (for the future) and a lucky clover (for…luck!). He gave all these things to her…and never needed to dig again.


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