“If it ain’t broke, fix it”

After a very wonderful ‘business’ trip to Taiwan I’m happy to report back that travel broadens the mind beautifully and makes everything feel special. Take the humble pedestrian crossing for example…it seems perfect to us Westerners already. But here, they’ve evolved it beyond the imagination. There are two things which make the Taipei City crossings extra special. Firstly, they are animated. The green man moves slowly at first then speeds up to a frantic run as your time runs out. Follow his step and you’ll be fine. Secondly, a reassuringly large number counts down to let you know exactly how long you’ve got to cross 6 lanes of traffic. Wouldn’t Paris benefit from such an approach? It made for more comfortable crossings and fewer impatient drivers (they get a countdown too) though I wouldn’t dare Taipei traffic without it!


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