Miranda July’s ‘The Future’

As I eagerly await the arrival of the new Miranda July film, The Future, I am struck by two things – the importance of unshaking confidence in an idea and how incredibly multiskilled one individual can be. I like Miranda July because she is liked and loathed in equal measure and yet, stripping away any ego or any curly haircut, we are left with a strikingly sharp mind who leaves us with the most humorous, thought provoking and yet tender words and visions. Best of all she’s playful and encouraging…two of the best qualities I think someone can have.

A quote from July:
“We haunt ourselves. Googling our own name, perpetually clicking on search…because if we’re always searching then we never have to notice that we’ve found it, we’re there, this is really it”

I’m not sure what Miranda July’s ‘Future’ will look like but I’d like to see it and experience it for myself…soon.

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